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    Product Information
    Name Assorted LED Tube Bracelet
    Item No TM025-077
    Light Modes Chasing lights flash
    Led Colors Assorted colors
    Batteries 3 non-replaceable AG3 Batteries
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  • Product Description
  • Our 11" LED bracelet features brightly colored LED's built right into the tube of the bracelet. Perfect for wrapping around things at any party for a fun way to add flashing lights to your decorations.

    Our Tube Multi Color LED Bracelet wraps around any size wrists and will stay there until you take it off.

    Each multi color LED coil Bracelet comes with 3 AG13 batteries included and installed but cannot be replaced.

    We designed this bracelet to not close so it has unlimited uses and fits any size wrist. 

    Each bracelet has 3pcs LEDs

    You can print your logo on the bracelet make it more beautiful

    Please leave a message for us for more designed.

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